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SBT is now also operating in UK for our thousands of online customers worldwide..!
SBT Motors (UK) Ltd.

We can assist our customers worldwide to purchase cars from the UK. "SBT Motors UK Ltd" began trading in spring 2013. Since that time, our operation has been continuously expanding. We specialise in the supply of new and used vehicles from all leading manufacturers and we have well established relationships with suppliers, manufacturers and freight forwarding companies.

Here at SBT UK, we don't just sell vehicles, our aim is to provide you with great service, the best advice and continued support throughout the buying process. We also provide information, advice and other services to each individual customer based on their requirements.

We are one of the leading UK based Auto Suppliers with thousands of satisfied customers all around the world.
We specialize in exporting High Quality Prime European Cars, Commercial Vehicles and Machinery.

*Our team have extensive knowledge of UK vehicles, ample experience in the UK car industry and can offer expert advice on all areas of the international motor vehicle market.

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Large Selection of STOCK:

SBT UK not only offers great service but our stock is also better quality and cheaper than the market standard.
We cover all the UK auction houses and source quality vehicles at bargain prices in order to give unbeatable service to our customers around the world.

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Buying From UK Auctions:

We can also offer UK Auction service to our customers internationally.
We will purchase your vehicle of choice on your behalf. We are the only company in the UK that is able to offer this service.

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We have well established relationships with Freight Forwarding Companies so we can offer you very competitive shipping rates.