• Year/Month: 2007/7
  • Stock ID: GZ3260
  • Transmission: Manual
  • CC: 1300
  • Mileage: 92000
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
C220 CDI AMG Sport Edition 2dr Auto
  • Year/Month: 2014/9
  • Stock ID: FN6263
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 2100
  • Mileage: 99000
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
RX-8 1.3 231
  • Year/Month: 2006/3
  • Stock ID: CQ5987
  • Transmission: Manual
  • CC: 1300
  • Mileage: 93000
  • Fuel Type: Petrol

Used Coupe Cars For Sale From UK

Used Coupe- A New Driving Sensation

The used coupe cars for sale from U.K attract the consumers throughout the world due to its distinctive features and elegant design. Coupe cars have remained famous among the consumers for its unique and shining body shape. Many of the sports and luxury cars are manufactured in coupe form as it is in high demand across the world. Moreover, Coupe cars have become a new sensation in term of marketing for automotive industries and the trend of driving coupe cars is in its full flow among the consumers.  

Basic Characteristics of Coupe cars 

Generally, the term coupe is used to define a two-door, metallic and shining body car with a roof that slopes at the rear. However, as per International Standard Organization ISO 3833-1977 describes 'coupe cars' as a closed body, usually with limited rear volume, a fixed roof of which a portion may be openable, at least two seats in at least one row, two side doors and possibly a rear opening, and at least two side windows. But some manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes and Hyundai offer coupes with four doors. Coupes are usually larger than sedans. Moreover, coupe cars are much reliable in performance, and the consumers prefer to drive these cars rather than other supermini cars.  

Salient Features & Manufacturing  

Used coupe cars for sale from UK come with steel suspension standard. These cars have been modified with some selective damping system available in conjunction with this suspension, each of which is 15 millimeters lower than on the Saloon. Although, many used coupe cars for sale from UK are smaller in size and length contemporary than other family hatchback cars, but these cars gain much attraction from the consumers as these cars seem much luxurious in driving and sportier in body style. 

The used coupe cars for sale from UK are well-customized with the option of AIRMATIC system, which is air suspension on rear and front axle. This system is controlled either pneumatically or electronically. This system adapts the air suspension on front and rear axle as per the current condition of the road and driving situation. In addition, it delivers its maximum performance in every condition for a smooth and comfort drive. 

Mechanism of Engine 

Except the sleek design and shining body, the used coupe cars for sale from UK are modified with new and advanced technical functions. For a sporty or a comfortable drive, coupes cars are manufactured with efficient and powerful four cylinder engines (Diesel and Petrol), and provided with advanced Engineering Change Order (ECO) start and stop function. The whole mechanism is acquiescent with emission standards of EURO 6 engine that consumes 27 percent of less fuel than other vehicle type such as Saloon and Sedans.

The power spectrum of the coupe cars of four cylinder of petrol engines range from 1.6 liters to 2 liters in the C180 to C300 models to give an output of 245PS. However, the diesel models are well equipped with four cylinder unit generating 170PS or 204PS assisted with eco-friendly 'Selective Catalytic Reduction' SCR technology for exhaustion of gas. 

Sporting and Luxurious Driving 

Used coupe cars for sale from UK have brought the wide range of cars in the market with many elegant designs and advanced functioning system. Mercedes Benz C-Class coupe, Audi, BMW cars have much better steering and suspension system relatively than other S-class coupe cars. The used coupe cars for sale from are handled well and driven comfortably. Its steering system provides feelings of satisfaction and reliability to the person who drives it. The Coupe cars feature a wealth of equipment as standard. The suspension system for coupe cars is much effective. With a stiffer and lower center of gravity suspension, C- class coupe cars gives the smooth driving in any condition. It self-adjusts the damping on the rear and front axle to ensure tire vibration and other road cracks. These characteristics help the driver to drive in the desirable style in sporty, comfortable or optimized manner.     

Two-seater C-Class coupe cars have a plenty of storage. There lies lots of cabin room for the front passengers. The engine range is also much impressive. The C-200 is the entry-level model and with 184 PS from its turbocharged 2.0-liter engine. It is also setup along with a new six-speed manual gearbox. It is much fascinating to drive C-Class coupe. The consumption of diesel is also pretty good. 

Coupes, a perfect choice 

If you are looking for a luxurious or sportier car with advanced functions, coupe car is the perfect driving vehicle. It provides the driving pleasure and satisfaction to the person who drives it. The coupe cars are manufactured by many renowned companies to make it profitable for automotive industries. Audi, Hyundai, BMW and many other manufacturers have put up their interest to bring affordable new models of coupe cars. Hence, the consumers' demand for coupe cars are high as it can be available in local market for the purchaser.