Used Station Wagons Cars For Sale From UK

Used Station Wagons- A Luxury Drive

Station wagons are well known as estate cars in United Kingdom. In early 1960s, it was one of the expensive and luxurious vehicles. It was initially used to carry people and their luggage from train station. But now modern automobile industry has transformed station wagon which is now durable and spacious. Today, used station wagons for sale from UK are quite different from SUVs and minivan because they are still considered as cars. So this vehicle is now available in modified version which has passenger compartment that extends up to back of vehicle. It has no trunk and the rear seats can be folded easily to make enough space for light cargo.

Facts & Figures

Used station wagon is basically a sedan having long roof and tailgate which makes enough cargo space. This vehicle consists of longer wheel bases which provide an extra legroom space at the backseats. Some of the vehicles of this type are fitted with rear or additional front facing that ensures the safety of passengers. These vehicles are more popular in European and North American countries aside from Africa. Germany has the largest market for station wagons in the world. Approximately 700,000 of this type of vehicles are sold each year which is amounting about 20% of all car sales.        

Body design

The used station wagon for sale from UK is customized body design of sedans. It has extended door at the rear with cargo space at the back via tailgate. The body design is transformed into two box design that includes 4 pillars namely A, B, C and D-pillars. This vehicle is much flexible in terms of interior volume. In some of the wagons, passenger area is expanded up to rear window. In addition, this type of car also has side windows over the cargo area and the rear glass is not sloped too far from vertical.

Basic characteristics

These used station wagons match almost same driving characteristics as sedans including its fuel economy. This vehicle has remained famous among the consumers due to its durability and cargo hauling option. Various sizes are available in economical rates. From small sized wagon to large sized, all vehicles are lighter and fuel efficient. Contemporary, most of the people use this vehicle as an alternative to SUVs. 


Used station wagons have four, five and six engine cylinders given with a turbocharger. These vehicles consist of high power engine which mostly gives 20-plus mpg range. These vehicles perform much better in everyday. It is maneuverable on any road and it is easier to drive this vehicle. Many wagons come with all-wheel drive standard system. This system is relatively light in weight fuel efficient. All- wheel drive system also support to control the stability during full speed and it also increases different dimensions of high performance characteristics.

Safety and Additional Features

These wagons have advanced features such as antilock brakes, full length side airbags, front seat side airbags and stability controller. To avoid collisions, rearview camera is also provided to cope up the blind-spot intrusions carefully. Besides these salient features, automatic climate controller, heated seats, smart phone interfaces are also set in this vehicle. Now, in most of the used station wagons high tech electronics accessories such as navigation system and auto start system is also being offered to ease the driving comfort.  

Interior and Cargo space

Used station wagons can seat four adult comfortably. Traditionally station wagons have large cargo space that provides a flat load floor. To increase the cargo capacity features like roof racks, grocery nets, under floor storage and cargo mats are used. These vehicles may have two or three rows of seats. It may include reconfigured rear suspension for additional load capacity and to minimize intrusion in the cargo volume. 

Market Rating & Prices

These vehicles are again back to hit the market. These vehicles cost less than $30,000 with low maintenance expenses and sensible operating costs. It is the best vehicle for budget-minded costumers. As this vehicles come in three sizes compact, midsize and large, it totally depends on the consumer to select size according to their needs. However, the competition in the market is much among SUV, minivan and wagon. But the demand of this car type is much high than it is expected. So the used station wagons will still remain in the market for more time due to its quality and reliability.

Consumers’ satisfaction

Overall performance of this type of vehicle has been satisfactory. People enjoy driving it. Not only to stations and airports but they also go for a short picnic and parties. Globally, this vehicle has satisfied many consumers and gaining more attention as it can be used for multiple purposes. If you have family of 4 to 5 members and looking for a suitable vehicle, you can go with an option of used station wagons for sale from UK to enjoy the luxurious ride with your family.