$17,500 / £12,475
  • Year/Month: 2010/11
  • Stock ID: T929700
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 12740
  • Mileage: 940000
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
$43,000 / £30,653
  • Year/Month: 2013/6
  • Stock ID: T629716
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 12740
  • Mileage: 650000
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
6x2 curtainsider
$27,000 / £19,247
  • Year/Month: 2011/10
  • Stock ID: T218583
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 6870
  • Mileage: 730000
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
6x2 tractor unit
$16,000 / £11,406
  • Year/Month: 2007/7
  • Stock ID: T218581
  • Transmission: Manual
  • CC: 11705
  • Mileage: 980000
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

Used Truck for Sale from UK

Used Truck - The Heavy Load Carrier

The used truck for sale from UK is a type of vehicle designed for transporting heavy cargo. This vehicle is used for commercial purposes. It is huge in size and powerful in lifting heavy loads. Truck is categorized in eight different classes. People often use three generic terms such as light duty, medium duty and heavy duty to classify it according to the load it carries. Modern vehicle of this type is powered by diesel engines and gasoline in most of the countries. The load carriers have also been modified with safety features to avoid any hazard while transporting goods. Moreover, it is efficient and used as commercial vehicle worldwide.

Categorization of Trucks

Generally it is classified on the basis of maximum loaded weigh of the truck that is estimated through gross vehicle weight rating GVWR. The concept of GVWR is used as safety standards of the vehicle to prevent overloading. The manufacturing companies of these vehicles evaluate the maximum capacity of load by keeping the weight of strongest weight bearing parts of the vehicle. Though, these vehicles are classified in eight classes. Light duty trucks lies in class 1 to class 3. Medium duty trucks are considered in class 4 to class 6. Class 7 and Class 8 represent heavy duty trucks.

Loading capacity

Light duty truck is commercial vehicle which has ability to carry not more than 6.3 tons. It is used widely in African and European region to transport goods. Medium truck is bigger than light duty trucks .It can be loaded up to 15ton as per US weight measures. In UK, Asia and Africa, the maximum capacity is in between 3.5ton to 7.5ton.Used trucks of medium duty is mostly seen in local service such as fire-fighting trucks, garbage or dump trucks.

Heavy duty trucks are the largest on-road trucks. As per GVWR, the vehicles that can load from 26000lb to more than 33000 lb are categorized in class7 and class 8 of trucks. These used trucks for sale from UK have 3 or more axles which determine per axle weight limit. This is commonly used trailer, concrete pump trucks and heavy dump trucks.    

Engineering Features

The manufacturing industries are producing powerful trucks to meet the market requirement.  Earlier the trucks use two cylinder engines. Now modern vehicles of trucks use four stroke engines mounted with turbocharger and intercooler.  Diesel engines are preferred as first choice for trucks ranging from class 3 to 8. The vehicle of this type is also offered with automatic and manual transmission with synchronizer which provides faster shift and less clutches wears. Volvo, Daihatsu and MAN are some big names which provide the trucks with all advanced features that can be used in transportation.

Body Designs

Numerous body designs of used trucks have been added in the market to make flexible transportation system. Refrigerator trucks are used for transporting frozen cargo that is equipped with double-wing rear door .Sometimes a side door is also given. Box truck consists of walls and roof which make an enclosed load space. Concrete mixers have rotating drum on inclined axis which mixes concrete and it is one of the heavy duty trucks.

Dump truck has open-box bed that is hinged at the rear and lifts at the front. Flatbed trucks have pure flat body which enables it to load quickly. Tank trucks are built to carry liquid and gases. It is cylindrical in shape that lies horizontally on the chassis. Wreckers are equipped with cable which is used to tow disable vehicles, commonly known as Lorry. 


Used trucks for sale from UK are great in terms of drive cycle. A drive cycle is an essential element to determine the effectiveness of mounted technologies. The modern vehicles of this type are provided with hybridization, electrification and other efficiency improvement technologies. The heavy duty trucks give the best performance over others by using these technologies as it has high average speed and few stops.  Replacement of hybrid technology in these trucks has turn these vehicles fuel efficient, and produces less toxic emissions.

Before applying changes in engine of this vehicle, toxic Gases like CO2 and NO were emitted from the trucks which make environment polluted. But the manufacturers improve the engine standard of trucks which has now reduced emissions of pollutants. Hence these trucks are commercial and are now safer for transportation.    

Benefits of Truck

To haul heavy load, used truck for sale from UK is better choice for you. From light to heavy duty truck the demand of these vehicles have increased in the market. The consumers from all over the world have been using these vehicles for freight and cargo instead of load-rail. This is because the diesel engine trucks have better mileage and are fuel efficient too. The vehicle also generates horse power and torque which is required for carrying heavy loads. The truck engines are now upgraded which shows its reliability and durability. It also requires less maintenance as per previous models. Thus, you can get this truck for your business and increased your earnings by transportation.