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Audi Q3 - Your Ride to Everyplace Everyday

Falling under the small SUV the used Audi Q3 first model came in 2012. It has assembly in a number of countries including Spain, China, India and Brazil. It was basically designed by Julian Hoeing an Australian Designer who suggested the design in 2006 leading to production in 2009. The car comes as a 1.4 L, 2.0 L and 2.5 L option that is available in both petrol and diesel. The transmission available included 6 speed manual, automatic and S-tronic options.


The Brand That Stands Tall

It is an Audi that is more than enough to prove the class and extravagance Q3 brings. The German brand stands tall to give the impressive look and layout that makes one win the battle of aesthetics. The car is able to give competition to BMW X1, Mercedes GLA and Volkswagen Tiguan. Whether it is about performance, handling, comfort or refinement; the used Audi Q3 is able to manage all to quiet perfection.


Performance Premium

In order to excel in performance the Quattro four wheel drives is there available to bring efficiency. The all wheel drive and automation is all what one looks for in the vehicle of this caliber. The grip is perfect with traction maximized for handling. The diversity of roads is managed for better analysis of situation. The ultimate sportiness comes by default making Audi Q3 go through congested city roads or speedy highway road with ease.


Comfortable Interior

The fit and finish of interior is up to the mark with driving position refinement, better visibility, infotainment and quality. The driver seat has a range of manual adjustments, so customization happens effortlessly. The electronic lumbar support, adjustable central armrest, and within range dashboard makes long journey enjoyable. The windscreen pillar is there for better view. Whether ity sis sside view, driver’s shoulder view or anything else the visibility is nothing less than best.


Practicality of Space

The seat flexibility, rear space, boot space and front space are classier and roomier. The seat are 60/40 split- folding comes as standard, with rear headrest is available at a touch of button. The two adults of average height can easily adjust in, though people with good height might have problem in doing so. The car is built considering the family with teens in mind, so it works best for family of three kids of different sizes. The boot space fits in loads of luggage and accommodates stuff beneath the boot surface too. The add-on further enhances the spaciousness with class.


Hence used Audi A3 can be your best friend in rides to different places in everyday life.