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Corporate Profile Of Ford

Ford or Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automobile establishment founded and incorporated by Henry Ford on 16th June 1903. Ford headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, US. Company use to manufacture and sell automobiles and commercial vehicles under the roof of Ford brand and the most luxurious cars under Lincoln brand. In former years Ford also manufactured the automotive and tractors components. The company’s stake divided among jiangling with 49% (China), Aston Martin (UK) with 8% and Mazda with 2.1% (Japan). Ford also includes several joint-ventures Ford Lio Ho and Changan Ford Mazda in China, Ford Sollers in Russia, AutoAlliance in Thailand, and Ford Otosan in Turkey.

Extended Services & Regional Distribution

Ford managed to attain profitability and abundance even after getting bankrupt in early 21st century. Now, Ford is the second-largest US based manufacturers and lies on the fifth position as the world largest vehicle sales in 2010. The company became 5th major auto-manufactures of Europe by the end of 2010. In global context Ford hold more than 213,000 workers and 90 production plants and facilities.

Since evolution Ford accomplish great achievements, triumphs and success in the International automotive industry . This accomplishment is backed with huge network of operational functions, which conduct efficiently in Turkey, South Africa, The United Kingdom, US, Brazil, Australia, Turkey, Canada, Argentina, China, and Mexico. To expand their operational activities and business investment Ford signed a two-way agreement with GAZ, A Russian automakers.

Ford Automobile Range

With the altering technologies, and modernization, Ford has introduced an inspiring range of some new cars. This complete new line-up will offer all the requirement what a customer predict; Driver-passenger safety features, fuel economy, high auto-tech control, and superior driving performance. Ford integrate innovative car design with astonishing exteriors and spectacular interiors. The latest model namely include 2016 Fiesta, 2016 Focus, 2016 Mustang, 2016 Fusion, 2016 Taurus, and 2016 C-Max.

New Technology Geared up to Boost

However, Ford has already schedule and functioning on two more innovative high-tech models that will launch in present year. “2017 Fusion” possesses the advancement of SYNC and driver assistance technology. This new model is designed to deliver high performance with a standard 2.7L turbocharged V6 Ecoboost engine. Ford considered to make available in the market by spring 2016 whereas the other model “Ford GT” probably offered in late 2016. Engineers shaped Ford GT as sport and game changing car equipped with twin turbocharged 3.5L Ecoboost V6 engine.

The other automobile collection comprises of Lincoln, Mazda, Volvo, Mercury, Land Rover, Edsel, Jaguar, Troller, FPV, Merkur, and Aston Martin. The truck series of Ford include Ford F-650, FT900, L7000, L9000, LT8000, and LNT9000.






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