Used Hyundai Santa Fe- The SUV That Nailed Its Mark

Hyundai Santa Fe is the 5 door SUV that had the name derived from a city of New Mexico, sharing roots deep down. If we look at the history of automobiles there are many brands that lived a short life. They were unable to cope with the changing trends and are part of yesteryears now. Hyundai Santa Fe stands tall as a SUV that has carved its mark in the midst of criticism. In the very beginning it was assess as a car with not so attractive body. Yet since its first production in year 2000, it has improved to a greater level in the past three generations.

Structure of Rock

It is the first SUV from Hyundai, so it bears the advantage and disadvantage of being so. The vehicle is unibody chassis that makes it cost effective and light weight. As a single chassis body produced simultaneously was something new for SUV, but the experiment turned in its favor. The logo of Hyundai Santa Fe is in the front standing in synchronization with horizontal grid bar. The alloy wheels are there to add classiness to the tires with support coming by default. The roof rail not only carry additional luggage on the top but also contributes in giving a sportier tough look. The lights in front and rear aids in driving in the middle of dark, fogy night.

Color Spicing Look

The colors further contributes in making Hyundai Santa Fe a must have car. The blue being professionally affluent comes in shade of night sky pearl and storm blue showcasing the divine look of power and proficiency. The monaco white is there to give French touch with purity that stood out. The circuit silver is there to make a connection with heavenly feel. The becketta black is there as influential color with mystery inside. The regal red pearl is a color with passion of royal feel. The iron frost is metallic grey color with tough feel and practicality. The Java Espresso makes you feel energized with coffee shade. 

The Feel of King

Whether one talk about safety or comfort, the Hyundai Santa Fe makes the occupant feel ruler of the world. The indicators in front of the driver are carefully put to provide details on fuel consumption, mileage and engine temperature. The active front head makes the best resting position for occupants. The curtain airbags make the drive safe with front airbags to support. The electronic stability control stabilizes the drive of the car. The other options include power window, power steering, seat lining, transmission and much more.

Hyundai Santa Fe has nailed its mark as an SUV that offers class.