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LEXUS RX300- The Right Combination

The car that can comfortably fit in as many as five people falls under the luxury range; is none other than Lexus RX300. It was first introduced in the year 1999 as a single trim option that was a boast to ES300 Sedan. It came as a 220 hp car in 3.0 L V6 technology that came in front engine front wheel drive and all wheel drive respectively. The higher displacement RX 350 and RX 450 is also available for bringing smoothness in ride, though the right combination of performance and comfort makes used Lexus RX300 stand out.

Crossover Appearance

This modern day crossover brings sportiness and roominess like a SUV with comfort of a sedan. The shapes and size are carefully tailored to make a bigger and roomier option than most of its competing segments. The curves and bents are amalgamated in body to make it look tough. The alloy wheels are there available in stylish designs and add a brand enhancement value when installed from the factory. The roof rail is there as an option that carries additional load with quiet ease. The mirrors on the side are well-put for better view of road when maneuvering.


Performance Guarded

As the performance is one of the factors that contribute in buying decision of Lexus RX300, first of all there will be a background check. During the first generation of Lexus RX the vehicle was introduced as Toyota Harrier in Japan market. In order to cope with the demand of international market it was named Lexus RX showing the symbol of being a luxurious sporty option. The RX 300 is available in market since the beginning and was able to serve the purpose of being a crossover between sedan and SUV. The V6 engine makes power well built inside. The car complies with emission measures that make it much safe. The five-speed automatic transmission with a sequential shift change brings enhancements in driving experience. The electronic traction controls the torque circulation between the front and rear wheels.


Lexus RX300 has best utilization of technology; standing tall as the first SUV with Intelligent AFS (Adaptive Front-lighting System). The lights are made up to the mark with Xenon headlights that illuminates a certain diameter of road with quiet ease. The cameras are mounted at different locations for blindspot detection and better driving monitoring. The navigation and tv is available on single screen that is a multi-function display. The entry to exit is technology friendly with latest features to enhance the journey to a better level. The brake assistance, air suspension and much more is there to make this vehicle friendly.

Hence this car has all it takes to stand tall as a competitive crossover with right combination of everything to help the process.