• Year/Month: 2010/9
  • Stock ID: JS7280
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 3000
  • Mileage: 113000
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
ML350 CDi BlueTEC Sport 5dr Auto
  • Year/Month: 2012/3
  • Stock ID: IU4811
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 3000
  • Mileage: 73000
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
ML350 CDi BlueEFFICIENCY [231] Sport 5dr Tip Auto
  • Year/Month: 2011/9
  • Stock ID: IQ0363
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 3000
  • Mileage: 108000
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

Mercedes ML350 - Drive with Luxury And Ease

Falling under the mid size luxury crossover SUV, Mercedes Benz ML 350 is a full time 4WD that is a drive train capable option. The power in the four wheels makes diverse conditions management ease. The torque is transferred to the wheel in a way that there is much more grip on the road. Hence we can say that it is not just the stylish look but also fine consideration of details that make the sports utility stand out. To further elaborate our point here are a few more details that might interest you.

The Look of Defender

The right curves and bents is what one look forward to in the used Mercedes Benz ML 350 for sale. The 4 door SUV is has the doors with handle that is at the right combination. The alloy wheels are the saver of life that contributes in giving flashy look and just up to the mark experience. The 5 door and 5 seat cars are available to bring a class that stood out. The original colors available are black, white, blue and silver that when matched with tinted glasses have a class of its own. The front grills look sturdy enough with Mercedes logo attached in the middle. The headlights, taillights and fog lights are perfectly installed in the vehicle. The crankshaft position sensors, axles of 2WD and 4 WD with speed sensors are there to support drive and give a dashing look. The front and rear wipers clear out the view for parallel parking and overall driving efficiency.

The Comfortable Luxury

The smallest problem can turn big if not addressed at the right time. The used Mercedes Benz ML 350 is livi9ng example to address everything from big to small. The air conditioning system is fully automated to manage temperature at the best. The Power Window is there to make the smooth transition of window easy. The central switch aids in locking and unlocking the car in efficient manner. The steering wheel can be adjusted to ease the driving experience for driver, so he is able to create memories with occupants while being on road. The finishing leather on seats, steering wheel and panel has its own magic. The wood panel is also there as an optional in few models to further enhances the feel of being top of the world. The seats can be folded to increase the space of carrying additional luggage. The navigation system with hard disk drive is what creates the magic of knowing the road before reaching there.

Technical Genius

As the technical side is best managed the used Mercedes Benz ML 350 is therefore considered a genius throughout diversified generations. Talking about the relationship of driving with reduced human error and peace of mind, the 7 speed automatic transmission is the highest available till now. It gives a fine quality of drive and is an improvement of initially available 5 speed automatic option. The power has also been available in 235 hp, 272 hp, 258 hp and 306 hp respectively over the period. It should be considered that the SUV did not focus on only improving the horsepower but also optimizing as according to the requirement. The lower horsepower bring light and agile drive, while higher horsepower brings in greater speed in a straight line.  The front double wishbone suspension and rear 4 link suspension works together with front and rear ventilated disk brakes. They together aids in making a shock absorbed drive and contributes in efficient controlling of the car.

Best Support Features

There are a number of other features that support in safety, ease and technology experience. The airbags are there made of nylon that are tailored to give every model of used Mercedes ML350 an exceptional look. It acts as a life saver in case of accidents, though everyone knows that solely depending on it is dangerous. The ease comes by default with beige or black dominant interior that is mixed and match with front console indicators of mileage, engine temperature and speed. The technology experience comes with Bluetooth connectivity and USB enabled screen that makes technology fun to experience. The SOS button, hill descent control, stolen vehicle locator and collision notifications are few options that stand out to provide driving support.

Whether it is the drive to work in rural area or the fun filled experience to explore different areas, this SUV is the best companion everywhere. It can be equally fun whether you are driving with family or friend. The fine consideration to minute things is what brings classiness that is hard to replicate. The grip on road, the twist and turns are tuned for luxurious drive.

 With this and much more, the used Mercedes ML350 is able to give occupants the experience of being ruler on and off-road.