2.5 VVT-i Hybrid Business Edition Plus 5dr CVT
$27,400 / £21,311
  • Year/Month: 2016/1
  • Stock ID: UO9276
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 2500
  • Mileage: 15000
  • Fuel Type: HYBRID(PETROL)

Used Toyota Cars for Sale 

Toyota – It’s Worth The Drive

Automobile reliability and sustainable development of the society is the core vision of the Japanese multinational automotive corporation whose headquarter is located in Aichi, Japan. By 2012, Toyota become the world’s largest automobile manufacturer in term of production and in February 2016 reported as the thirteenth world largest automakers by revenue. The guiding principles of Toyota highlights the company’s values, standards, and management philosophies which embraced since beginning. Toyota’s global vision combines all the workforce on a single platform and define the ways to work collaboratively around the main objectives. The company’s code of conduct is the fundamental state of mind that direct the employees to perform beneath specific principles.

Toyota’s Operations & Production System Profile

Toyota manufacturing systems positioned on the idea of “the complete exclusion of all waste”, which prosper the efficient production methods. Toyota scrutinize and monitor The Production System (TPS) timely to make continuous amendments on the basis of customer’s changing demands. Jidoka and Just-in-time are two foundation on which TPS is sketched and carried out to the world. The concept of Jidoka rotates around highlighting and visualization of manufacturing problem. Integration of Jidoka deals with the defective and malfunction equipment, the pretentious system automatically stops so the operator could cease production and rectify the difficulty.

Second, the concept of Just-In-time orbits around the productivity improvement as it assists in manufacturing a high-quality and efficient automobiles. The cars produced by completely eliminating the waste, irrational requirements, and inconsistencies. Engineer and designer Squad manage to finish the product in prescribed time so it could be deliver to customer before the approved time – winning client’s satisfaction and loyalty. Toyota is popular in organizing and scheduling several important events; Motor show, Motorsports, Feeling the streets, sports sponsorship, Fritz Kreisler International competition, and Toyota dream car art concert are the extended platform to launch the newly developed automobiles.

Global Incredible Facilities And Services

Toyota has enlarged their design and Research & development processes from USA to Belgium. Other assembly and congregation plants overseas help the company to recognize thoroughly t5he individual’s market and address the efficient solutions. Toyota tries to manufacture vehicles that could go well with every individual market. Toyota anticipate and respond the challenging demands of worldwide patrons via global R&D centers. Plant tour and Toyota Kaikan Museum channel International explorer to view their world-renowned assembly line and discover the Toyota’s advanced-version concepts and car models.

Sakichi Toyota Memorial House delivers the troop a brilliant experience of traditional thatched-roof house. The informative history and narration of automobiles is the great collection, spread over 120 global vehicles in Toyota Automobile Museum. It includes several historical components in compliance with Japanese automotive culture and motorization. Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology expresses the weaving machine history and automotive tech-advances adapted by Toyota group. 







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