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Toyota Avensis - The Heart Throbe Car With Variations

Coming in three bodies of saloon, liftback and estate; the Toyota Avensis is able to capture a greater chunk of diversified markets. The car was first introduced in 1997 as a midsize family vehicle that was manufactured by Japanese automaker Toyota in United Kingdom. Over the years it improved a lot as in this market the competition with market giants like Ford and General Motors is high. The vehicle comes with greater standards and has been continuously improving itself over the years. The latest models are available in 4 door sedan and 5 door estates. It has been providing the technologies in features and overall layout that gives it individual edge.


The used Toyota Avensis stands as a dynamically stylish body option that radiates class from distance. The bumper, grille and lighting system are the basics that contribute to a stylish design front. The tiny thing as side door handles is colored the same as body; so there is a unified impact. The windows, rear view and indicators are tailored to make journey ease filled.

Color Message

The diversity of colors in body makes one stand out, though being part of the crowd. The Tokyo Red is there to depict passion to be unique with blood flow depicted to perfection. The Pearl White car seems to come out from oyster bringing purity and completeness of its own. The Orion Blue is a true depiction of professionalism at its peak with sophistication mixed well. The Deep Titanium stands tall as a king of nights that have their own impression to make. 

There is much more to the range, where every color sends a message to the world. The interior color is also carefully picked with features put in manner that purpose of comfort with class is best served. The beige helps in enhancing interior features, while the black have its own impact on interior with unified feel.

Entry Inside

Interior is all about the experience for the occupants and people who own the car. The dark panel close to driver with steering wheel and controls are the first touch point to a better experience. The chrome accent plays a key role in image enhancements. The multi-information display improves the confidence of driver by providing infotainment. The indicators in front of the driver show crisp and clear readings on fuel consumption, mileage and engine temperature. The cruise control helps in managing the speed of the car. The air conditioning aids in managing temperature inside.

Therefore whether it is about the car exported from UK to any other country or vice versa, the used Toyota Avensis can be the best choice.