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Used Toyota Prius- Giant That is Family Oriented

The Toyota Prius has the ability to create magic on the go with surprises that stand out. The classiness followed by the features that are competitive enough to bring change is round the corner. The comprehensive package is able to make your way to a tantalizing journey. Being available in compact body from 1997 to 2003, followed by mid size car body from 2003 onwards car; there are variations available. The car was 4 door sedan from 1997 to 2003 and was available as a 5 door hatchback after that. It continues even today creating something enchanted in a variety of range. 

Originality in Appearance 

Prius in Latin language means superior, original and first. Over the years Toyota Prius has became true to its name with hatchback bringing its own style. The hybrid version brought skin deep edge of originality. The curves and bents are refined to the extent that hatchback being elongated back sedan like has transformed to a whole new level. The alloy wheels are there with professional yet stylish design that stood out. The taillights are vertically rectangular installed at the backside storage space. The lower ground clearance with wheelbase of appropriate size not only aids in giving sporty look but also optimizes the handling factor.

Color of Life 

When you talk about exterior colors there are a number of variations in Toyota Prius. The hypersonic red is the true reflection of passion with blood color being reflected when the car hits the road at day time. The blizzard pearl is there to provide true pure experience of reliability with reduced chances of hit and run. The greater visibility leads to enhanced experience not only in day time but also at night. The metallic silver is truly celestial with shine that is identified from distance. The magnetic gray makes it look like a knight rider. The sea glass pearl gives an aquatic look that makes other feel you own the sea. The blue crush metallic is a unique yet professional look that stands out. 

Trim Levels

Instead of the normal (CE, LE, XLE etc… ) or the (Base, Premium, Limited etc..) naming format, they’ve opted for a new and ambiguous format:

  • Prius II
  • Prius III
  • Prius IV
  • Prius V


The interior is fully loaded with best in rank experience with indicators, power options, seats, transmission and much more in Toyota Prius. The meter at front indicates about the current standing of mileage, engine temperature and fuel consumption. The power options in steering wheel and window brings smooth transmission without much force requirement. The seats are either lined with cloth or leather depending on trim; providing comfort any way. The transmission is automatic with hybrid technology on the side.

Hence used Toyota Prius is a true giant family vehicle.

Fuel Consumption

Average fuel consumption - 54 mpg