2.5 VVT-i Hybrid Business Edition Plus 5dr CVT
  • Year/Month: 2016/1
  • Stock ID: UO9276
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • CC: 2500
  • Mileage: 15000
  • Fuel Type: HYBRID(PETROL)

Used Toyota Rav4 Cars for Sale 

Prologue Toyota Rav4 Cars

Japanese Automotive manufacturer Toyota has produced and marketed the Toyota Rav4 cars in the worldwide. It’s a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) that makes the debut in Europe and Japan in the year of 1994. Even Used Toyota Rav4 cars got striking sales in different automobile industry across globe due to its high visibility, extended cargo room and superior full-time four-wheel driving experience. Toyota Rav4 integrate fuel economy and maneuverability offering a great glimpse of Compact car. RAV4 is the abbreviation of “Recreational Active Vehicle” having 4 wheel drive and competitive compact–SUV’s.

Sale Structure Around The Globe

Since 2006, Toyota is offering both short and long-wheelbase RAV4 versions. The new and used short wheelbase version received high sale in several regions of Europe and Japan whereas, the long-wheelbase versions are accessible in the entire North America and Australia. The first generation of RAV4 include XA10 series , which manufactured with a blend of Corolla and Carina elements. The cars include 2.0 liter straight-four producing 89 KW with four-speed automatic and five-speed transmission.

Technological Equipped Features

RAV4 EV is the plug-in, all electric version of traditional  RAV4 manufactured between 1997 to 2003. The concept was engineered on introducing the Zero-emission vehicle that offered only for the seven months on public sale. In Australia Pre-facelift Toyota RAV4, Facelift Toyota RAV4 three door car, and facelift Toyota RAV4 convertible are the significant car that gain popularity even in the used Toyota Rav4 Cars. The second generation of Toyota RAV4 lies between the period of 2000 to 2005 with Toyota RAV4 J and Toyota RAV L prepared with hi-tech interior and enhanced features.

The Correct Choice For Adventure

The used Toyota RAV4 cars are still accessible in sale with 1.8 liter in-line-four engine, and a D-4D diesel engine. Some of the stock is equipped with height-adjustable driver’s seat, anti-lock braking system, cruise managing system, electronic stability control, power windows, high air-conditioned and six--speaker CD stereo. The Toyota RAV4 cars are designed with a slight touch of bonnet scoop, roof rack, color keyed handle doors, sport fabric seats, heated mirrors, silver sported control pedals, fender flares and grey-colored bumpers. Australia is the potential target market for Toyota new and used RAV4 cars as highest sales monitored in 2005.

The third generation covered up the years of 2005 to 2012 with entirely redesigned RAV4 models that first time unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor show 2005. This series got popular due to complete new and innovative Electric Power Steering system. The used Toyota Rav4 made an extraordinary sale in the different states of North America, New Zealand, and Australia. The Japanese Toyota  model got on sale at Toyota NETZ dealers during 2005 that include mini SUV, Toyota Urban Cruiser, RAV4 and XA series.